Mobile Development

We provide customized and generalized software solutions for businesses and organizations operating in diverse domains. These software solutions are in Financial Software applications, Inventory Management, Client-Server applications, Telephony applications, Web based applications, Short Message Service (SMS), etc. These applications are featured and designed to be cost effective, high quality, scalable, user configurable and easily maintainable systems, which are well documented and competent enough of automate existing business processes. We develop software applications from the ground up, providing you with exactly what client need, not just what we have available.

Application Maintenance

  • A2GSoft technologies helps software providers meet the challenge of ongoing product support and maintenance with a range of services designed to substantially lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels.

  • A2GSoft technologies identifies the following broad types of changes that an application could undergo in a maintenance project:

    • Change in Business requirements/Business Logic

    • Change in Data Structures

    • Change in User Interface

    • Change in System Interface

    • Change in Technical Architecture

    • Change in Application Architecture

    • Change in Application Security.

Quality Testing For Application Development

  • A2GSoft technologies has a precisely defined and complete methodology for ensuring thorough and effective QA Testing of the products, applications and processes. A2GSoft has developed customized test plans matching each client’s needs and mentors clients on the use of methodology and tools to ensure continued best practices.

  • We focus on the following levels:

    • Unit Testing Process

    • System Testing Process

    • User Acceptance Testing Process

    • Load Testing Process

  • To assure you with 100% of quality testing of your application.

Application Development on Production Servers

  • Web Development currently supports custom applications developed Visual Studio using MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases.

  • Web developers are available to develop projects at no charge using a first-come first-served priority basis. This should be considered the preferred approach, especially if a project is mission critical or has needs for complex logic to obtain data from administrative systems.

  • The development process and system standards are listed briefly here:

    • All developers work in a test environment

    • Each system must be documented with meaningful comments before it goes into production.

    • The project will be tested to ensure it will work properly in the production environment and will go through an approval process.

    • Developers need to schedule deployments to production on IIS.

    • Developers should schedule deployments well in advance to ensure that deadlines are met. Applications which exhibit problems will not be placed into production until the problems are corrected, at which point the application is retested.