Web Development

Introduction A2GSoft technologies provides you with end-to-end web application development and deployment services.

What makes us different from other organization giving similar services are the following factors:

  • Security policy creation

  • Application threat modelling and risk assessment

  • Development of security model

  • Supplier assessment and monitoring

  • Building security into the software development life cycle

  • Security awareness for developers

  • Code security review

  • Web security testing

  • Insurance e-risk reduction

  • Security certification

We highly focus on these factors during the making of your website.

We have an unmatched understanding of the web technology and sense of its integration with business systems and processes. Our team has the ability to deliver the industries best and complete solutions - whether it is a small static web site or an interactive and highly complex e-commerce Portal.

Testing For Web Applications

The methodology that we as a team follow to assure you a complete testing of your web application:

  • Identify the Test Environment

  • Identify Performance Acceptance Criteria

  • Plan and Design Tests

  • Configure the Test Environment

  • Implement the Test Design

  • Execute the Test

  • Analyze Results, Report, and Retest.

Deploying Web Applications

  • We take care of the deployment of web applications in various enterprise scenarios. We work on the technologies like Visual Studio 2010, the Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild), Internet Information Services (IIS), the IIS Web Deployment Tool (Web Deploy), the Web Farm Framework (WFF) to simplify and manage the deployment process.