web maintenance

Web Maintenance

Our Web maintenance contract includes text revisions to existing web pages. It also includes Addition of Web pages and adding a database driven web pages to it, as the terms and conditions of the Maintenance Contract mutually undersigned. The works done under the general Maintenance Contract are as follows:

  • Verifying the site is up and running. Getting the site back up if it is down.

  • Corrections in the text content on the site.

  • Adding / changing / deleting email addresses.

  • Checking search engines to ranking and making minor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) adjustments as required.

  • Maintenance regarding security issues (scripts, databases, bandwidth theft, etc.).

  • Retaining a full backup copy of the Web site communication with third-party service providers (credit card processor, hosting company, information suppliers)

  • Log files analysis and visitor/site statistics reports.

  • Creating FAQs and searchable knowledge bases.